International Women's Association in Malmö

IKF Malmö is a place where all women
has a voice and a story to share.
We offer study circles, target group-specific projects and an inclusive and warm environment for you. Together we make a difference.

The International Women's Association in Malmö's (IKF Malmö) vision is an equal world where everyone takes responsibility, shows mutual respect and be able to reach their full potential.

IKF Malmö offers a place for all women, of all nationalities and backgrounds. At IKF Malmö, everyone has a voice and in a sisterhood can grow and develop together.

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IKF Malmö The Movie

A documentation of IKF Malmö from 1970 until today. The film premiered during the 50th anniversary celebration at Malmö City Hall on October 3 2020 and led to both tears and laughter. The film was created by Nikita Maldaner.


The circles at IKF Malmö function as a meeting place, a way to get to know others but also learn about specific topics

Young women

We create developing leadership and mentorship projects that are based on young women's potential and strengths

EU projects

Since 2017, IKF Malmö has run a number of Erasmus+ projects. We currently run 7 Erasmus+ projects together with 41 different partners in different countries

Thank you for being a member of IKF Malmö, together we make a difference!

2022 has been a fast-paced year for IKF and all the fantastic women who participated in study circles and projects.

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Kvinnor i världen

What does gender equality look like in Sweden? What progress has been made and how do we create sustainable change? Anna-Karin Herbert and Douha Kermani discuss everything about gender equality, democracy and social issues together with exciting guests in the IKF podcast, Kvinnor i världen (Women in the world)

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IKF's Health Care-circle

Do you want to work in healthcare as a care assistant/carer - read this!

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Do you want to work with children?

An 8-week course to work with children for you who are interested in working in, for example, preschool or other workplaces where you meet children.

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IKF Malmö is a place where all women have a voice and a story to share - this is Hala's voice.

Hala Saraj Zada is my name, and I am one of the Afghan people who now live in Sweden.

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IKF Malmö in the National Innovation Council's regional meeting held by the Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

Themes for the day were sustainable cities and to build bridges within social gaps.

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Malmö Ambassador of the Year

Our fantastic business manager Tatjana Ristovski - Malmö Ambassador of the Year at Malmö Business Gala 2021!

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